If you are looking for something completely new, re-mastered, and re-engineered, then you should come into MINI Oakville and check out the all new MINI Convertible! The MINI Convertible includes a feistier more fuel-efficient engine and smarter innovations that our customers can get excited about! The open air driving exhilaration that awaits you behind the wheel of this vehicle is undeniable and we urge you to come into MINI Oakville and take one of these premium driving machines for a test drive with the top down! Continue reading this page for more information about the MINI Convertible at MINI Oakville!

How does the retractable roof on the MINI Convertible work?
The retractable roof on the MINI Convertible works in 3 stages: Fully down for 100% open-air enjoyment, fully up for more private motoring, or halfway for letting the breeze in. The electrically-powered Soft Top will fully open or close in 18 seconds flat, even when travelling at speeds of up to 30 km/h. This is a great summer drive vehicle and we are very confident that our customers will have an exceptional driving experience everything they get behind the wheel of this peppy machine.

What does the interior look like in the MINI Convertible at MINI Oakville?
The MINI Convertible includes surface finishes and upholstery that is very high end. With Motorsport toggle switches, a premium centre console, and stunning in-dash display, the MINI Convertible at MINI Oakville exudes luxury, performance, and style! With limitless customization options available, customers have the freedom to create an interior that suits their individual style!

How does the MINI Convertible drive?
The MINI Convertible at MINI Oakville is built to provide excitement for the driver and passengers. With its wide track and tightly tuned multi-link rear suspension system, the MINI Convertible will paint smiles on the faces of the occupants as they navigate the roads twists and turns. The MINI Convertible includes a 2.0 L Twinpower Turbo Engine that is capable of hitting 100km/h in just 7.2 seconds! This vehicle is not afraid to push the limits of speed and handling on the road.

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