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Finding pre-owned cars in Oakville is easy when you choose MINI Oakville. Our MINI Oakville dealership is located on the South Service Road in Oakville which can be reached by getting off the QEW at Bronte Road. Our dealership is home to some very premium quality MINI Cooper vehicles, and our customers will be able to find the vehicle of their dreams at our dealership. We have a very large stock of new and pre-owned cars in Oakville, and our customer service is also very high quality,and matches our quality of MINI Cooper vehicles. MINI Oakville prides itself on being able to provide our valued customers with a huge selection of high quality vehicles, and numerous ways to locate those vehicles. Our customers have the choice to physically come into our MINI Oakville dealership to look for pre-owned cars in Oakville, or they can stay in the comfort of their own homes and use our website. We understand that coming into our MINI Oakville dealership may be an initial stretch for our customers who are searching for pre-owned cars in Oakville out of town, and it is for this reason that we have provided an online platform where customers can go to find all of our inventory from the comfort of their own homes, and not have to worry about coming into the dealership until that have decided on the vehicle they want. All of our pre-owned cars in Oakville have been carefully inspected and tested by our certified and professional service technicians at MINI Oakville, so our customers can have confidence knowing that they are driving away in a pristine vehicle that meets dealer and manufacturer’s standards. If you are looking for pre-owned cars in Oakville, we recommend that you use our website, or come into MINI Oakville today!

We have a large variety of pre-owned cars in Oakville at MINI Oakville, and we are confident that our customers will be able to find the car of their dreams with us!

2014 MINI Cooper Clubvan:
The 2014 MINI Cooper Clubvan is available at our MINI Oakville dealership, and this vehicle is top of the line for quality and performance. With 57,727 kilometers on it, a price tag of $17,900, automatic transmission, with a pepper white exterior and a carbon black leather interior, this MINI Cooper vehicle is sure to give you an exhilarating driving experience, and turn the heads of onlookers.

2016 MINI Cooper 3 Door:
The 2016 MINI Cooper 3 Door is the pinnacle of performance and quality, and this vehicle is available at our MINI Oakville dealership. With a price tag of $25,954, 21,420 kilometers on it, automatic transmission, in midnight black met exterior color and carbon black leather interior, this MINI Cooper vehicle is aggressive in looks, and even more aggressive with driving performance.

For more information about these vehicles, and other pre-owned cars in Oakville, please feel free to continue browsing through our website at MINI Oakville, or you can contact us via phone or email for further inquiries.