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Mini Oakville – Car Dealerships Mississauga.
Mini Oakville dealerships are unlike any car dealerships in the Mississauga area. At the Mini Oakville dealership you will be able to find premium quality cars that utilize high performance part and features that you would find in very expensive luxury vehicles, while being very affordable for people who don’t want to pay top dollar for an impractical luxury vehicle. Minis value at car dealerships Mississauga, is preserved by the usage of both engine technology and high-end materials provided by the BMW Group. This helps Mini vehicles maintain their resale value longer and provides an exhilarating drive experience for the customer.

More Spacious Than You Think.
When people think of MINI vehicles, they probably don’t relate them with having a very spacious cabin for the driver and passengers. We at MINI have leveraged some pretty incredible technology that is able to maximize the cabin space. Minis at car dealerships in Mississauga, are built with a wheels-pushed out body type. This means that the wheels of the MINI are located at the four corners of the vehicle, which the body of the car does no overhang. This allows for more cabin room and comfortability for the driver and passengers. Also, the engine is mounted in such a way that is saves room under the hood of the vehicle. Our MINIS also have an underestimated amount of cargo capacity by utilizing a flat loading rear floor and seats that fold in the rear.

Exceptional Safety at MINI Oakville – Car Dealerships Mississauga.
MINI has included some state-of-the-art safety features to our vehicles that give you confidence in your drive in a MINI vehicle. The MINI has adaptive headlights that move with you as you turn the steering wheel, allowing you to see what is coming around corners. Dynamic Stability Control uses corrective braking systems to adjust engine torque on a turn, effectively eliminating over and under-steering. Also, the Dynamic Traction Control technology will allow your wheels to have more spin off a stop to gain traction quicker on slick roads.

If you are looking for car dealerships Mississauga, we recommend you come into MINI Oakville and test drive a MINI vehicle today.