Affordable Compact Cars Mississauga

As our MINI cars are most notable for its bodacious design accompanied with quality performance, our brand delivers the convenience which drivers can leisurely experience the exhilaration with every turn. From prices that start at $21,490, our MINI car dealership at Mississauga is committed to help you attain your needs on the road.

Safety is key

Despite attaining the eloquence of our MINI cars, safety amongst drivers is our top priority. To assure the MINI is safe for passengers and drivers, MINI cars have implemented active and passive safety features which tackles every possible precaution on the road. With our active features, it includes an optional LED headlamps which assist drivers when going through dark, winding roads. Based on your MINI’s weight and speed, the auto-levelled headlights communicate with your car and turns with you as you make your way through the sharp bend. When you start to stray in your turn, MINI cars start to engage on dynamic stability control (DSC) which adjusts the engine torque and corrective braking system to keep you stable on the road. If the DSC is deactivated, the dynamic traction control (DTC) takes full control. Primarily, the DTC assists drivers to take off on slippery patches of ice on the road or dig out sandtraps.

If a collision were to occur, passive safety features have been included in MINIs to ensure safety and ease from drivers. Such features include eight intelligent airbags that is automatically ready to deploy after detecting the impact speed and severity. To prevent any further danger, MINIs come with a crash sensor system where it automatically unlocks all doors, engage on hazard lights, and cuts off the fuel pump. MINIs have reinforced the Run-Flat tires which gives drivers the opportunity to drive with a puncture, providing with approximately 80 km at 80 km/h. With that unique attribute, you are able to drive to a safe location where you can find assistance with your tire.

Performance, safety, and affordability with sleek sophistication are the staples of Budds’ MINI.  If you would like to learn more about the MINI passive and active safety features accompanied with other high quality specifications, they can be viewed here. Experience the exhilaration on the road by visiting the Mississauga dealership today!