MINI Cooper S Countryman ALL 4



The MINI Cooper S Countryman can be ordered with MINI ALL4 permanent all-wheel drive. Here, an electromagnetic centre differential positioned directly on the final drive varies the distribution of power seamlessly between the front and rear axles.

In normal driving conditions up to 50 per cent of the drive is sent to the rear wheels, in extreme situations as much as 100 per cent. The result is a new, traction-led expression of the agile handling for which MINI is famed.

This ability is underpinned by sophisticated new suspension technology, which includes a front axle with MacPherson spring struts and forged track control arms, multi-link rear suspension and the electromechanical power steering system EPS. The MINI Countryman comes as standard with the Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) system.


The accelerating performance is improved because the driving torque is distributed to the wheels with better adherence on the road.

A vehicle with slightly understeering driving characteristics like a frontwheel drive is not perceived as agile. The all-wheel drive enhance the agility, inducing a neutral or slightly oversteering characteristics.

Even before the driving characteristics become unstable, the control system can redistribute the driving torque to maintain the desired driving path.

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