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The first thing you notice with a MINI Cooper is its appearance. If cars could be classified as urbane then the MINI Cooper would win hands down.  But beyond the striking looks of the MINI Cooper, there are some powerful surprises. The famous grille is topped by a hood scoop that inhales refreshing air for the hyped-up engine. If you think it lacks junk in the trunk - the dual exhaust pipes would prove you wrong. Forget about having to purchase aftermarket wheels - the 17-inch alloy tires are so integrated in the MINI's design that handling the MINI Cooper at breakneck speeds and harrowing hairpin curves has never been so easy!

The MINI Cooper is beautiful inside and out!

Most cars feature a dashboard with a speedometer, mileage and fuel gauge behind the wheel, leaving the center dashboard free for the GPS, A/C controls and entertainment system. The MINI Cooper, on the other hand, features a huge centrally-located circular speedometer (with some designs featuring a GPS in the center).
Also, talk about owner customization! The MINI Cooper actually has mood lighting installed that you can switch on and change at the push of a button. Forget about two-tone interiors and seat covers - you can have all that with the MINI, of course, but the things that set it apart from others - that's what makes the MINI Cooper one of the best choices for the car owner looking for something unique and fun.

At our Used Car Dealership in Oakville, Budds’ MINI Oakville carries a wide range of new and used cars. If you’re looking for style, class, and power, then MINI is for you!

The advertising campaign may read as the "New" MINI Cooper - but it's still true to its roots!

So many "classic" cars have tried and failed to reinvent themselves. Either the manufacturer failed to innovate and appeal to the new market or strayed too far away from the original design and alienated the existing fan base.
The MINI Cooper has stayed true to its racing roots but has also been able to gather a big cult following due to its huge appeal. The racing car roots may not be for everyone but the MINI Cooper's sleek curves and old-school-meets-new-school design set it apart from others in the racing world. You also still get the "vintage" street legal vehicle without compromising on engine power and actual running parts.

If you are looking to purchase a used MINI Cooper then Budds’ MINI Oakville is the place to be. With awesome incentives and affordable pricing, what are you waiting for? Book a test drive today!

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